Podcast: Escape the Rat Race interviews authors of Book Catalyst

27 February 2017
Author: Patti Drewek
If you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, artist, yoga teacher, digital marketer or any other business owner or you are looking to set up your own business, then having your own book is the best business card you will ever have.

Entrepreneurs have been publishing books to burnish their credentials and attract attention to their business ventures for a long time, but now it's a little easier thanks to the debut of print-on-demand publishing and other technological advancements. With a computer and the right software, almost anyone with good ideas and a way with words can be an author.

Patti Drewek & Iain Scott are the Co-founders of Book Catalyst, an online program that takes anyone wishing to share their expert knowledge with the world by writing their own book through a proven step by step process.

Book Catalyst is a 24 module online course that covers every single aspect of the book writing process, from planning your book outline, target marketing, creating a book website, interviews for your book, publishing and marketing your book….as well as giving you lots of ideas around the many additional income streams that can be generated.

Many people dream of writing a book, but are put off by the overwhelm of knowing where to begin, or the lack of time available to dedicate to such a huge task. Book Catalyst breaks the entire process down into manageable chunks and shows you exactly how you can write your book in under 24 hours if you stick to a plan.

In this episode you’ll learn...

  • How you can become an author within 24 hours.
  • Why it is so important to surround yourself with like-minded people when pursuing your entrepreneurial dream
  • Why a book can help anybody wanting to position themselves as an authority in their field
  • How a book can help you as an employee; imagine turning up to your next job interview and handing your prospective new boss a copy of your published book
  • Why writing a book can open up multiple additional revenue streams for you as an author
  • Why you don’t need to be a good writer in order to be a good author
  • The magic that starts to happen when you become an author, and the doors that open up for you


‘You’re not going to make millions on book sales alone’
‘You can leverage a book to go on to be seen as an authority, and then through that, start looking at additional income streams’

Listen and Download: http://bit.ly/etrrr009