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What topics are covered in the Book Catalyst course?

The full online Book Catalyst course covers everything you need to write, publish and start earning from your book. Explore the modules below. You can try the first three completely risk free, before you purchase the full course.

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 17:43 minutes


Everything you need to know to get started. The introduction covers what to expect, how to...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:06 minutes

Length of your book

You’ll discover the perfect length of your book. Not only that, but we’ll agree on how muc...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 5:02 minutes

Focus on the purpose

Module 3 focuses on the purpose. This is the purpose for you, and the purpose for your rea...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 4:00 minutes

Target your audience

Module 4 is understanding your target audience - your readers. Who are you writing your bo...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 5:17 minutes

Your ideal topic

Module 5 is creating your ideal topic. In short: what will you write your book on. This is...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:37 minutes

Creating the title and subtitle

Your title and subtitle - this is one of the most important elements of readers picking up...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:00 minutes

Your book cover

Module 7 is the first of our creative section, the book cover. This fundamental element is...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:03 minutes

Launching your book website

Module 8 is getting your book website live. The design, and the content. Putting this live...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 5:55 minutes

Creating your book outline

Module 9 is where we begin to see your book taking shape by creating the outline. Each ind...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 5:45 minutes

Chapter titles and subtitles

Module 10 is taking the outline further, and deciding on the chapter titles and subtitles....

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:42 minutes

Interviews for your book

Get other experts involved in content creation by interviewing them. This adds massive cre...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:13 minutes

Your writing time schedule

Before we start to create the content for your book, it's important to make sure you have ...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:16 minutes

Speaking your book

Let’s create the book content - first method, by speaking your book....

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 4:06 minutes

Being interviewed for your book

In Module 14, we’ll show you the second method of content creating: being interviewed by o...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 3:49 minutes

Writing your book

Module 15 is writing your book. The third method is for those who prefer turning thoughts ...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 3:14 minutes

Completing your book

The big one. This is where we reach our biggest and most important milestone yet - complet...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 7:34 minutes

Creating information product

Once you’ve completed the content for your book, we’ll teach you how to turn your book int...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 8:30 minutes

Running your workshop

Module 18 is turning your book into Workshops. This is a great opportunity to leverage you...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 7:26 minutes

Developing your online course

Module 19 is the third great way of increasing your financial revenue: online courses. ...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 9:07 minutes

Recoding your podcasts

Creating podcasts are revealed to you in Module 20, including splitting up your content fo...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 7:05 minutes

Publishing your book

Module 21 is publishing your book. There are many ways you can publish, and you’ll discove...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 7:18 minutes

Marketing your book

Module 22 is marketing your book through a range of options based on your topic and your a...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:20 minutes

Final touches

We’ll add the final touches in the penultimate module and run through everything else you ...

Presenter : Iain Scott Lecture Time : 6:16 minutes

Next steps

The final module gives you a wealth of ideas and choices for your next steps as an author....

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Meet the Presenters

Book Catalyst presenters have jointly been in the business world for over 20 years. Their complementary skills and experience brought them together and allowed them to put together programme filled with unique and valuable content.

Patti Drewek

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Trainer and Author

Patti designs and delivers various training programmes and workshops to small business owners and start-ups.

She was trained and mentored by the best experts in the industry, including Andy Harrington, Matthew Kimberley, Raymond Aaron and Fiona Harrold.

Over the last decade she has been working for the largest corporations in the world including major international banks and consulting firms.

Patti made it her mission in life to increase the number of female executives within companies around the world. Every day she gets closer to that goal by delivering insightful seminars, talks, workshops as well as engaging with companies in delivery of suitable trainings, writing articles/blogs and books on the topic.

Iain Scott

Radio Presenter, Web Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Blogger

Iain has worked in the digital marketing industry for over 12 years, and won many prestigious awards across creative, social media and marketing categories.

Iain specialises in online and digital marketing, social media, and search marketing.

He has worked with BBC Worldwide, the RSCPA, the French bank BNP Paribas, as well as many high profile London law firms.

He has spoken at seminars and events for over 10 years, including for Business Link, The Institute of Directors, a London Chamber of Commerce, Independent Seminars, and regularly as a guest lecturer at London City University.